Betty's Bay fire - Plants of Hope initiative

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During the firestorm that occurred in Betty's Bay on 11 January 2019, the natural habitat and almost all the gardens east of the beloved Harold Porter Botanical Garden were destroyed. The bleakness of the landscape added to the air of loss and despair that hung garden before and after the fire.

To cheer up the inhabitants, Meridian Realty came with the initiative to donate a tray of seedlings to every home owner who lost a garden.

Although residents were invited to collect their trays at the office, many trays were delivered personally by the agents and staff and in the end almost 120 trays were handed out. This meant a staggering 720 little plants were planted in the area!

What a wonderful experience to watch as nature takes its course and our beautiful fynbos paradise slowly comes back treating us with breath-taking surprises. And how nice to walk through the streets today and see many joyful bursts of colour where Meridian's gazanias of hope are flowering!

Author: Troula Goosen

Submitted 03 Jun 19 / Views 428