Meet Ina Eksteen - Our resident iAgent in the West Rand.

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When did you start your career in Real Estate?

I sold my first plot and plan back in 1983. After that my career took many different routes and I explored between Marketing, Public Relations, Sales and HR. But my love for people, art and home-making brought me back to real estate in 2007 and again in 2016. Since 2016, I decided to follow my heart for Real Estate and became more intentional about what my career could hold as an Agent. In total I can look back on approximately 5 years in the industry. I recently joined the Meridian Realty team as an iAgent and now follow this passion and career on a full-time basis.

What attracted you to a career in Real Estate?

I have a heart for people, and when I think about individuals, I think about family. Real Estate is a perfect match for me - it gives me an opportunity to engage with people, whilst being able to help families find their dream houses where they can build happy memories.

I love the artistic side of life - from interior décor to different forms of art. Making a home for your family within a beautiful environment is important for their emotional and mental well-being, and serving people in this way is what drives my passion!

At this stage in my life, I do what I love in Real Estate as part of my season to build my own business.

What area / areas do you focus on?

My main focus is the West Rand. I know Roodepoort and Krugersdorp extremely well having lived here for many years. My call of service goes above and beyond and I commit to provide the best experience to clients in any other areas as well as within the West Rand too.

Do you focus on certain types of properties or do you do the whole range from student flat to lifestyle farm?

In my focussed areas I have both Sectional Title properties as well as freehold properties. Mostly either in Complexes or Estates. I would like to expand my portfolio to plot and plan developments.

I do Placement Rentals too, mostly as an added service to my established client base.

What attracts people to your area of focus?

The West Rand is a warm family area with excellent schools and affordable housing options. We often have families move to this area for work opportunities and settling into family living. We are well situated around Hendrik Potgieter Road with easy connections to the R21 and N14 to Airports and Sandton/Pretoria area.

What are the best things to do on a "off day" in your area?

I aim to always stay connected with my clients so I don't think I really take any days off. I like to take a breather early Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I enjoy getting to know the areas better by driving around, visiting various coffee shops and familiarize myself with the Estates and Complexes in the area.

I take time to creatively think about ways to connect with people in the industry.

What is the best advice you can give a buyer in today's market?

If you have money in the bank, I believe the best way to invest is in property. Buy in the area that will give you the highest return on your investment and take extreme care of your financial matters.

I always advise my clients to never exceed their affordability. Plan your investments with a house as first choice. Buy in the area that will give you the highest return on your investment. Take extreme care of your financial matters.

Rather buy than rent.

What is the best advice you can give a seller in today's market?

Make wise decisions when you decide to sell. Plan ahead, ask your Agent to give you information including full statistics on your property, area and the area where you plan to move to. Sell at the right price at the right time.

How does Meridian Realty's business model benefit you and your clients?

As an independent agent I have a lot of flexibility to serve and delight my clients. No office hours and lots of meetings give me more time for my clients.

As a Meridian independent agent (iAgent) I have the freedom to plan, execute and connect with my clients in a way that suits me and my clients schedule.

Meridian Realty is on the cutting-edge regarding technology and marketing efforts with a big focus on creating a strong online presence. I believe in order to stay ahead in this curve in this industry we need to be agile and able to reach different generations in our marketing efforts.

I am able to present my Clients with a holistic professional package with the support of a highly professional team at Meridian from a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Administrator and strong direction from the Leadership, that add to the success of our partnership.

Meridian Realty delivers on this.

Give a short description of your personal and other business interest?

I grew up with a creative father and he developed himself as a well-known SA Artist and Teacher over the years. His love and passion for colour and form inspired me to always perceive nature and attend to small detail. In 1987 I started to do fine art and was taught under the hand of my father, Pieter Millard. Throughout the years I partook in different Art Exhibitions, Markets and at Art Galleries in SA. Some of my work has gone to New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

I love art, interior decorating, pottery, design, landscaping - anything where I can design and create. This is off course, why I also love being able to provide people with homes where they can create...

My entrepreneurial skills empower me to see my products from conception to sale. I would still love to start a business that sells unique and bespoke South African products.

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