Meet Simoné Stimie - Our resident iAgent in Heidelberg, Gauteng.

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When did you start your career in Real Estate? 

In 2013 My husband and I made the decision to give our two boys a taste of Country Life. Both myself and Hubby grew up in a Small Town and there is something special about the close communities of a small country setting.

Having been a part of the chase in the Corporate world working for African Bank Head Office in Midrand, the moment I became a Mom my heart's desire and lookout on life changed and having a quality of life to be able to be a Mom first was my main goal.

I started my career in Real Estate in 2016. Being a Realtor gave me the opportunity to be  a Mom first whilst still doing what I am passionate about. 

What attracted you to a career in Real Estate?

The Flexibility of having a small family and a career at the same time attracted me to the industry as I could work my time to suit both work and family life.

What area / areas do you focus on? 

I am a Resident Agent in Heidelberg Central. 

Do you focus on certain types of properties or do you do the whole range from student flat to lifestyle farm?

I relate to Families looking to move away from the huzz & buzz of City life.  Heidelberg Central typically offers Freehold family homes.

What attracts people to your area of focus?

Steeped in history and nestled in the Suikerbosrand Hills, with the Blesbokspruit River flowing through it, Heidelberg borders on the 13 000ha Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and offers Residents a taste of a picturesque country lifestyle. The picturesque streets and family homes are filled with old world charm, character and history. The buildings form an important Architectural and Historical part of our town. Having both Laer Volkskool and Hoër Volkskool within a 3km radius, Heidelberg Central offers easy living close to all amenities. 

What are the best things to do on a "off day" in your area?

It's always been the small town you drive past as you head out of Joburg towards Durban.

Just off the N3 about 40 kilometres south-east of Joburg, at the foot of the Suikerbosrand mountains, Heidelberg has a protected setting up against the ridges of the Witwatersrand, with the Blesbokspruit running through the town and rolling highveld all around it. 

For HJ Ueckermann it was the ideal spot for setting up a trading store in 1862, and so began the town of Heidelberg that he named after his beloved hometown in Germany.

Not all treasures in Heidelberg are old and historical. Diamante en Goud is a one-stop-shop where you can arrive in the morning and easily stay for the day. Here you will be served with loose leaf tea in a teapot with a silver tea strainer, and a selection of cakes. Chickens cluck underfoot in the courtyard and shopping includes antique furniture, old-fashioned sweets, clothes, gifts and leather goods. But the name of the shop is really what the main industry is about - jewellery is made to order by six goldsmiths working on site in view of visitors.

Heidelbergers are proud of their heritage. You can pop in to the popular antique shop, Ancient Days.

"As a child she would walk past this old house, built in 1903 for the magistrate, and tell her friends that she would live in it one day. We returned here with our four children, and bought the house and renovated it." Now the Kotzes sell antiques and bric-a-brac, and serve coffee and cake on their veranda.

Eskort has a factory shop and butchery in Heidelberg which is renowned among travellers, who drive the N3 from Gauteng to Durban, but always stop off at this shop.

Enjoy a family outing at Hydeaway Farm, a few kilometres outside Heidelberg. They make a range of flavoured gouda as well as a Boerenkaas, and know each cow by name.

Our beautiful town has lots to see and have many stories to tell. You can do a whistle-stop drive-through but then you would miss the warm heart of Heidelberg, which is its people.

What is the best advise you can give a buyer in today's market?

Don't indebt yourself above your means. There are right ways and wrong ways to buy a home. The latter of which will cost you a lot of unnecessary money, stress, and frustration. Use best practices, however - as offered by real estate experts - and you'll walk away a winner with a smile on your face and cash still in your bank account.

What is the best advise you can give a seller in today's market?

Price is King. Don't overprice your property. While you want to maximize your proceeds, listing your home at a price above its value in a buyer's market is certain to send buyers in your competitor's direction. Your real estate agent should do a comparative market analysis for you to determine a price that will be competitive.

How does Meridian Realty's business model benefit you and your clients?

Meridian Realty gives me the opportunity to be a Mom first whilst still doing what I feel passionate about...Real Estate. Their unique business model gives me more freedom and independence so that I'm able to work in my own environment, while they take care of all my advertising and professional marketing.  This truly benefits the seller as I am able to give more of my time towards the sale of their home. 

Give a short description of your personal and other business interest?

Apart from being a Realtor, my passion is my family.

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