Meridian Realty launches new division with a focus on estate agents.

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Meridian Realty has recently launched a brand new division, known as The Agent's Agent.  This division within Meridian Realty is solely focussed on empowering succesful estate agents that want to build their own business from within the Meridian Realty brand.

It affords estate agents the opportunity to, more than ever before, be in business for themselves but not by themselves.  Known as Meridian Realty iAgents, estate agents joining under the Meridian Realty brand will be provided with state-of-the-art marketing, administrative and regulatory support services - whilst at the same time being empowered to retain anywhere from 75% to 100% of their hard earned commission.  Services provided to estate agents include:

  • professional photography
  • videography
  • virtual tours
  • regular training
  • access to a fully qualified principal agent
  • virtual assistant services
  • exceptional internet and social media marketing and much more

You can find out more about the offering by clicking here.

Author: Antonie Goosen

Submitted 27 Oct 13 / Views 5067