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11 January 2019 was a date with destiny that left few people in Betty's Bay untouched in some way. Gusting winds took hold of flames and ripped them down our Kloof and across half of our town leaving absolute devastation in its wake. People were deeply traumatized by the events of that day. Many lost pets, houses and vehicles to this fire.

Out of these ashes rose our #PlantsofHope initiative. Within days there were signs of life in the desolate landscape. Tiny, almost unseen sprinklings of green shoots that gave us a sense that nature at least, would regenerate and become beautiful once again. It gave us hope and we wanted to spread this hope to others in our community.

We realized that we could never replace everyone's gardens but that a seedling tray would be the perfect gift to give each homeowner in the area. Everyone at Meridian Realty pulled together to ensure its success. Marketing designed beautiful cards; management donated funds, Bouhandel gave us stock prices and the printers did signage and printing at no cost! Everything just fell into place and over the month of February we personally went door to door with a seedling tray.

160 Seedling Trays = 960 Gazania's

Our agents and staff went the extra mile to hand out seedlings as well as listen, encourage and hopefully inspire and give hope to such wonderful residents of this beautiful paradise.

As with all things, life does go on but we here at Meridian Realty wanted to take the time and make an effort to reach into the hearts of a community who we are a part of, knowing how they all felt to some degree and mourning with them the great losses as well as healing with them as we dried our tears and kept moving forward.

Author: Troula Goosen

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