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In today’s buyers market prospective buyers can pick and choose among available properties in most areas. It is therefore of vital importance to put your best foot foreward when preparing your house for a viewing (or a photographic session).

First impressions count:

·         Ensure that your garden gate, post box and garden path create the best impression possible.

·         Replace weeds and tired plants by flowering annuals or attractive potted plants. Mow the lawn.

·         Remove untidy objects such as toys, the pet’s bowl or shabby garden ornaments.

·         Refresh windows and doors with a fresh coat of paint or varnish if necessary.  See to it that the gutters are in a good condition.

·         Give special attention to the front door. An attractive door will entice the prospective buyer to discover what is behind it. Maybe it needs a new coat of paint or an interesting doorknob?

Second impressions last:

Your house reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. However, when preparing it for a viewing, it is important to keep in mind that the prospective buyer should be able to notice it’s positive aspects and visualize him/her living there:

·         Create an open, uncluttered appearance:

o   Remove all unnecessary objects, shabby furniture or ornaments.

o   Rearrange furniture in order to put emphasis on attractive architectural features.

o   Unclutter surfaces such as coffee tables and use it to display only your very best accessories. Fresh flowers or attractive pot plants are always a good choice.

o   Remove objects of a personal nature such as photographs, children’s artwork, toothpaste, shaving cream, washing, dirty dishes etc.

o   Pets must be out of sight when the prospective buyer arrives. So must be their toys, bowls, hair and smell.

·         Ensure everything is fresh and neat:

o   Tidy up your cupboards. Prospective buyers are going to peek.

o   Make sure the windows are sparkling.

o   Replace dripping taps and broken tiles.

o   Put fresh soap, towels and bath mats in the bathroom.

·         Entice the senses:

o   Smell: Freshly brewed coffee or the lingering smell of vanilla and cinnamon simmering on the stove; heavenly lavender or rose room spray in the bedroom, the fresh smell of soap in the bathroom … (Beware: a bad smell can kill a sale!)

o   See: Light creates a welcoming atmosphere. Open the draperies and put on the lights. Use table-or floor lamps to your advantage and replace all run down light fittings if possible.

o   Feel: Regulate the temperature to the best of your advantage.  Put on the air con or fans in summer. In winter a flickering fire is sure to be a winner.  

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