The Joys of living in Betty's Bay.

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With a substantial amount of property for sale in Betty's Bay, there is some exceptional opportunities to be had.  For those interested, have a read through some of the joys of living in and around this jewel of the Whale Coast...

Betty’s Bay’s local authority as well as the inhabitants are quite insistently nature friendly.  Most plots are not fenced at all, allowing the wildlife to move about freely:  steenbuck, greybuck, porcupines, mongooses of various varieties, guinea- fowl, cape clawless otters, dassies or rock-rabbit, cape francolin, even an odd leopard who popped up at occasions in 1988, without being a threat to people at all.  

Betty’s Bay is the proud custodian of one of the nine National Botanical Gardens in South Africa : the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden, preferred by many above Kirstenbosch, because it is not “commercialized” at all.  The views visiting the two gorges with waterfalls are truly breath taking, as is the sea views while hiking on the mountain.  Fynbos birdlife abounds here.

Betty’s Bay is also proud to provide residence and breeding space to the endangered African or Jackass Penguin.  Of the three breeding colonies on the African continent, only Stony Point in Betty’s Bay is growing in numbers, with 4000 of these unique birds thriving among dassies, kelp gull, cormorants etc.

Betty’s Bay has a few truly superb beaches.  Silversands boasts 2,5km of pristine white sand beach. The endangered Black Oystercatcher breeds here, and you can walk your dog along the beach.  Main Beach is as beautiful and pristine.  These beaches, as well as the 15km or more rocky beaches of Betty’s Bay provides ample opportunity for fishing and crayfish catching.

In stark contrast to holiday destinations like Kleinmond and Hermanus on the Whale Coast, you do not experience the heavy traffic, insufficient parking space and the general rush of large amounts of holidaymakers in Betty’s Bay.  Betty’s Bay is a long town (13Km between the sea and the mountain). The large plots and low percentage of built-on plots, has the result that we in Betty’s Bay can welcome and accommodate our fair quota of holidaymakers on a remarkable “unnoticeable” way. They are here and enjoying themselves – but we are not “in each others faces.”

Betty’s Bay’s location is truly phenomenal! 30 Km from Gordon’s Bay and the Hottentot’s Holland Hub, 35 Km from Hermanus, 10 Km from Kleinmond and less than 70Km from the Cape Town International Airport.  Among the beautiful coastal and scenic drives in the wide world, the R44 or Clarence Drive certainly counts supreme!  Betty’s Bay is near to a variety of facilities and amenities, but still “far from the maddening crowd.”  Betty’s Bay is part of the world famed Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, often considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, because of the exceptional quality of its fynbos.

Betty’s Bay is located in the Western Cape Province.  In this province most of the municipalities are run smoothly and efficiently.  Roads and streets are properly taken care of.  Electricity and services are in place.  Municipal tariffs and taxes are relatively low.  Betty’s Bay’s crime rate is very low.  

The town has more or less 2000 permanent residents, living in some 680 households. (The remaining houses are holiday homes.) There is a congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Betty’s Bay as well as an interdenominational church (Lakeside Chapel) and a Catholic church.  Three business centres provides in the basic needs (fuel, post office, superette, cafes, take away’s, DVD-shop and internet café, hardware stores, pubs, restaurants, potter, butcher, deli, security companies, art gallery and several estate agencies).  There is a crèche and the nearest schools are only 9 km away in Kleinmond.

With this all said and done, Betty’s Bay is a quality destination for holidays and for investments.  One of the closely kept secrets…

Author: Chris Goosen

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